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99 % Of Women Secretly Hate These Types Of Guys. Check If You Are One Of Them


In this article, I’m going to highlight 3 types of guys that women secretly hate. There are some behaviours that some of you guys put and you think are cool. But that is not the case and if maybe you are in the position of wondering why you are still single as a handsome guy like you then I think you are doing this behaviour that pissed off women. Relax as I list this behaviour that women hate secretly below.



1. Selfish Fu**ker.

If you are that type of guy who can’t satisfy a woman in bed or you are the type of guy who thinks once you release your sperms you are done I bet you it is wrong. Women hate guys who can’t perform in bed or guys who only think of their satisfaction during sexual intercourse. You should try hard to satisfy her as much as possible. But if you think you have a problem satisfying women then you need to consult a nearby health expert.

2. Fake flexer.

One of the things most women hate about guys is a guy who loves to flex and he is nothing. If you are that type of guy who loves to show your luxurious lifestyle then put a stop to it. Women hate guys who do that. You should be humble. When a woman finds out that you are rich but humble, I bet you she will madly fall in love with you.

3. Insulting women.

This is one of the things 99 per cent of women find annoying. They hate guys who like raining insults on women. A guy who insults women in public. Please if you know you are that type of guy, put a stop to it or else you will be single forever.

4. Sex addict.

Don’t be surprised if I say, sex addict. Some guys still want to have sex with women even when they are on their period. Are a bad habit and you have to put a stop to that.

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