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It’s obvious the President of Ghana, Nana Addo is now up for the highest bidder. What a shame !!!
Words of presidents, always tell the directions of nations. Some investors make decisions based on presidential pronouncements, but certainly not ours. His words discourage investors, the media and citizens as a whole. It even clears alleged criminals before investigation starts.
He has become a stooge with no principles and morals who only responds to the voices of family and friends. Even basic protocols have been thrown to the dogs.
No water body in Ghana today can be called clean yet the president’s message to us this year is that the forests have been cordoned, military officers are in charge and Akunta mining is the best thing ever to happen in Ghana !!!
Your excellency, we hear sir !!!
We have had presidents in Ghana, but such a buy able one, adabraka !!! President turned P.R.O for Isha Huang, Eugen Arhin campaign team, Ken Ofori Attah, Charles Adu Boahen , name them. How can we help him lift this bar before 2025 ?
Many media houses have tried to get the president to speak on critical national issues like the PDS, The 3 Takoradi girls, Kelni-GVG, shooting at collating centres,  etc to no avail. He only hears the cries of his people. For us …
Wontumi is really mightier than the pen, not to talk of the sword. I never get worried of such abuses any time I remember power is transient.
When a president refuses to meet the press, know that what he has to hide, is more than meets the eyes. Never be discouraged, there are better days ahead

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