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Abdulai Abanga (MP cum Deputy Works and Housing Minister) Showcases Gargantuan Achievement

Although campaign promises and their fulfillment are critical to the basic models of electoral accountability. My comprehension of how voters process this information and incorporate same into their vote choice has been that, politicians are voted based on what promises they articulate in wooing voters.
Well my focus in this short piece is to use what we called ‘Binduri Must Develop’ agenda to advance my argument on what should be the modus operandi of politics in Binduri as well as Ghana in our present day.
The advent of Hon. Abdulai Abanga as Member of Parliament on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party has brought not only respite but HOPE; the likes of which has never been witnessed in Binduri. The distinguished and experience development worker has reinvented the wheels of politics in the area hence attracting admiration and commendation by all and sundry.
His philosophy is deep-seated in his unflinching love for the Constituency, passion for his call to service and enthusiasm that brought the change during the 2020 elections. In view of this, he has started delivering massive  developmental projects and empowering the people. This is what has left political commentators most especially the Jollof babies (Dr. Robert Kuganab Lem boy) who are parading themselves in the corridors of Facebook, analyst,  researchers and generality of the people in the area testifying of his approach as a novelty in the body politic of the Constituency and the Upper East Region.
Please stay with me as I enumerate just a paucity of his achievements in the twenty (20) months of his leadership as Member of the 8th Parliament:
1. 50 pieces of street lights and undisclosed amount of money donated to the Army Barracks in Bazua- Binduri
2. About 50 street lights have been installed at Bazua and Atuba markets respectively.
3. Construction of an ultra modern 60-bed hospital facility under the Agenda 111. Work is progressing steadily at the project site in Avondago.
*Status:* Ongoing
4. Spot improvement of the 4.5km feeder road with culverts from Avondago to Benguri.
*Status:* Ongoing
5. Constructed a dugout at Asaanori under the Narango-Aniisi electoral area.
*Status:* Commissioned
6. Construction of a disability friendly CHPS Compound at Sakpare.
*Status:* Complete
7. Construction of an ultra- modern 3 unit classroom block with ancillary facilities at Tambiigu.
*Status:* Commissioned
8. In March 2021, 29 hospital beds were presented to the District Health Director for onward distribution (26 standard beds and 3 delivery beds)
9. In April 2022, he presented health equipments to the District Health Director for onward distribution to some selected health facilities. The equipments includes;
9 standard beds
15 mattresses with covers
3 oxygen machines
9 wheel chairs
21 chairs
1 box of bandages
3 boxes of prickers
1 box of airways
13. In August 2022, he donated 5 car tyres, a car battery, 2 laptop computers and a monitor to Ghana Education Directorate, Binduri
14. He presented a power generator to the Muslims Ummah at Sakpare
13. Presented (2) Chang fan irrigation machines to farmers within Bansi and Atuba respectively.
14. The MP purchased a brand new DHTR-300-350 latest Ashok Leyland Cabin Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling rig is mounted with Air compressor, strong 18.5 feet mast length, Drill rods, Heavy duty centrifugal mud pump, welding generator, night lighting and other operating accessories and has a capacity of drilling a depth up to 350 meters (1200 feets).
15. Construction of an artificial football park ( astro turf ) with ancillary facilities like a football park, flood lights, panel mess fencing etc at Bawk-Sapelig
*Status:* Ongoing
16. He supported 95 local tertiary students with an amount of Ghc110,000.00 to help them settle their bills.
17. He presented Ghc64,000.00 to about 40 women’s savings groups within Bansi and Binduri electoral areas respectively.
18. He donated foodstuffs and other items to asylum seekers who came from Burkina Faso to Bansi and it’s surroundings.
19. He toured all the polling stations in the Constituency to showed appreciation to them for given him the mandate to serve. This is the first of it’s kind in the Constituency since immemorial.
20. He lobbied and had appointment letters for numerous youth. Some went to Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority as mechanical engineers, VRA as electrical technicians, GES as teachers, local government, nss director, fire service, police, immigration and others.
21. Connected Bansi to the national grid as well as installed street lights at Bansi-Natinga
22. Rural electrification project ongoing in the following communities; Gumyoko, Yodelinga, Apurunzua, Yarigungu etc
23. Installed about 15 hand pump boreholes across the Constituency. Some of the beneficiary communities are;  Zawse-Boarin, Zawse-Widnatinga, Kaadi central, Asoonateng-Kaadi, Goore etc
24. In July 2022, he presented about 2,000 bags of fertilizers to farmers in his Constituency.
To be continued………..
Behind every successful and dynamic MP there’s a hardworking DCE. In the case of Binduri, Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu (DCE) is one of the workaholic DCEs in this Nana-Bawumia led government.
With Hon. Abanga and Hon. Ayinga, Binduri will always be trending for good reasons day-in and day-out.
Jnr Amin Anta
Youth Activist
Binduri Constituency

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