Agradaa cries as her women’s fellowship leader snatches her husband



Evangelist Mama Pat, aka Nana Agradaa has taken to social media to accuse her women’s fellowship leader of snatching her husband.

In a trending video, Nana Agradaa lamented over how Aunty Mercy secretly took her husband’s number and started texting and calling him.

Pained Nana Agradaa additionally alleged that Aunty Mercy started sending her husband money in the early days of their affair.

According to Nana Agradaa, she’s much convinced that Aunty Mercy used money to snatch her husband from her.

As bragged by Nana Agradaa, she’s much richer than Aunty Mercy hence she finds it completely disrespectful for her to be secretly sending her husband money.

As emphatically revealed by Nana Agradaa in the trending video, she has unseated Aunty Mercy as the head of her church’s women’s fellowship.

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