Agrihouse Foundation has become beacon of progress within the agricultural sector – Deputy Agric Minister



The Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Hon. Yaw Frimpong Addo says the Agrihouse Foundation has become a beacon of progress and catalyst for positive change within the agricultural sector.

According to him, the foundation for the past thirteen years have consistently brought together stakeholders from all corners of the industry to promote knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation.

“This event is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the growth and development of agriculture in our nation. Our agricultural sector is the backbone of our nation, supporting the livelihoods of millions and contributing significantly to our economy. As we gather here today, we are reminded of the vital role that agriculture plays in our daily lives. The dedication and hard work of our farmers, as well as all those involved in the agricultural value chain, are what ensure food security and economic prosperity for our country”.

Speaking at this year’s Pre-Harvest Conference in Tamale at the Agrihouse village under the theme, “Connecting the Unconnected: The Farmer, The Input Dealer, and The Processor,” he underscored the need for collaboration and connectivity within the agricultural sector.

“I am proud to say that, as the Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture (Crops), our ministry is committed to fostering these crucial connections. We recognize the importance of bridging the gaps that often exist within the agricultural value chain. By connecting the farmer, the input dealer, and the processor, we can create a more integrated and efficient system that benefits all stakeholders”.

According to him, government is taking significant steps to improve infrastructure, provide access to credit facilities, and enhance extension services.

“These efforts are aimed at ensuring that farmers, input dealers, and processors and every stakeholder in the agricultural value chain are equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive. We are also investing in research and development to boost crop yields, promote climate-smart agriculture, and reduce the impact of climate change on our food systems”.

He encouraged all stakeholders to actively engage in the process of connectivity by working together, adding that “We can foster a stronger, more resilient agricultural sector. Let us collaborate to ensure that no one in our nation is left behind, that our farmers receive the necessary inputs, and that our processors have access to quality raw materials”.

The Northern Regional Coordinating Director, Alhaji Alhassan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to management of the Agrihouse Foundation for their dedication and hard work over the past years in making the agricultural sector more attractive.

“Your efforts have made this event a vital platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of ideas. It is through organizations like yours that we can collectively reshape the future of agriculture in our country”.

According to him the networking and learning opportunities the annual event bring to the good people of north and the country at large is impactful.

The Chief Executive officer of the Agrihouse Foundation, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa reiterated her outfit commitment in connecting farmers, input dealers, agro-processors and other key actors along the value chain by creating an enabling environment for interaction, learning and sharing through exhibitions and dialogue sessions.

According to her the annual event would continue to provide opportunities in transforming Ghana’s agriculture into economic enterprises that will promote value addition at the entry points along the preproduction, production, and the processing chain.

She stated that the Pre-Harvest Agri-Business seeks to highlight the connection between actors across the agricultural value chain, contributes directly to meeting one of the primary strategies for Ghana’s agricultural sector objectives.

She urged farmers, representatives of groupings, aggregators, and processors at the gathering to use the event profitably by engaging and learning from experts participating in the forum and create effective linkages.

A representative of Yara-Ghana pledged that the company would continue to drive and support food production and farmer profitability.

“In addition to providing quality crop targeted fertilizer solutions, Yara leads the way with farmer trainings and demonstrations to ensure effective and efficient use of the fertilizers to deliver quality food production while protecting the planet, towards a nature-positive food future

The commitment to the agricultural sector growth goes beyond farming, It covers the entire value chain – linking farmers to inputs, market, financing etc. Yara’s role in supporting programs that connect the agriculture value chain has been consistent and impactful.

We invite partners and participants to connect and work together towards achieving the sector growth in order to propel national growth and development”. The company added.

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