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AKPINI State Embarks On Peaceful Procession In Appreciation Of Akinifia Okpekpewuokpe Dagadu IX

The Chiefs and People of the Akpini State will tomorrow Friday April 1, 2022 hold a peaceful procession through the major streets of Kpando.
The procession seeks to give thanks to the Almighty God for giving the Akpini State a Head after close to forty (40) years of chieftaincy-related litigation.
It is also to thank our new Akpinifia Okpekpewuokpe Dagadu IX for accepting the arduous task of leading the Akpini State as her Paramount Chief. The event, will provide the opportunity to the youth and the entire Akpini Traditional Area to demonstrate their love and support for our newly crowned Overlord.
The Procession which begins at 9am will see the movement of a huge crowd from the convergence point; the Paramount Chief’s Palace through Koenda, Aloyi, Zongo, Bishop Herman road, Tsakpe, Deveme, Torkor road, Municipal Assembly and back to the Palace.
The residents will converge at Akpinifia Dagadu’s Palace after the procession where they will appreciate the young Chief and also hear from him.
The Procession is being led by the Akpini Elite Group; a group of carefully selected prominent citizens of the Akpini State.
The Paramount Chief of the Akpini State; Akpinifia Dagadu IX was outdoored on the 6th of March, 2022 in a heavily attended event during which he exchanged oaths with all three State Divisional Chiefs making up the Kpando Kpekpe etↄ (tristate).
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