Alan Kyerematen is behaving like a pampered child – Prof. Osei Bobie



Former Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen has been described as behaving like a pampered child following his decision Tuesday, to withdraw from the flagbearer race of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to political analyst, Prof. Osei Bobie, the political decision of the former Trades Minister indicates he does not have what it takes to engage in politics in Ghana.

“He is doing politics like a pampered child. In Ghanaian politics, if you study history, what hasn’t been said about J.J. Rawlings? Even when J.J. pleaded innocent of murderous crimes, we still blamed him, saying, ‘You were the leader in charge, and so you are guilty’, yet he made it. From the little I’ve learned, I’ll advise any politician seeking my advice to find a key message to rely on, and no matter the pressure, you will go through.”

Speaking to Nhyira FM’s Obidehyie Ofori Amanfo on Kuro yi mu Nsem, Professor Bobie pointed out that Alan Kyerematen’s inner circles do not have the right attitude to help him achieve his ambition.

“Over the years, Alan has employed offensive speakers as his campaigners. The character of his followers contradicts his peaceful character. Their utterances are contradictory, and it seems he is unable to control them. He’s either unaware of this reality or unable to control them, but as a leader, you must be able to control your followers. I do not wish to speak for any one candidate, but Bawumia addresses his followers directly and charges them to only employ peaceful measures. Hardly do you hear Alan addressing his followers,” he observed.

The political analyst advised the politician to reshuffle his aides going forward with his career.

“I don’t believe Alan is out of politics, but whoever supports him must do his best to follow the principles of the man. And the man must make sure whoever wants to tow with him does as he does. As Christ said, If you love me, obey my commandments.

“For instance, former Kwadaso MP Hilda throws insults at President Akufo-Addo all because she’s a supporter of Alan Kyerematen. You have all these characters who have followed Alan over the years. I agree that the man is a good man, but his followers ruin that reputation. They don’t learn from the man,” said Prof. Bobie.

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