All Set For Ashanti NDC 24-Hr Economy Sensitization Walk Tomorrow



The Ashanti Regional NDC is set to
launch a mega procession through the principal streets of Kumasi to sensitize the public on the flagship 24-hour economy proposition by the flagbearer and incoming President, H.E. John Dramani Mahama tomorrow (21/12/2023).

The walk ,according to organizers aims to explain the policy further in the context that will be understood and appreciated by the good people of Ashanti region.

The party assured the good people of Ghana a renewed hope in the NDC and the commitment to providing them decent jobs under the next John Mahama Presidency.

Date and Route:

The procession is scheduled to take place on Thursday 21st December, 2023 and will navigate through key streets of Kumasi, starting from Aboabo Post Office and culminating at the Jubilee Park.

Starting point: Aboabo post office
Route: Aboabo post office, airport roundabout, suame roundabout, abrepo junction,Bantama high street, Kath roundabout, Kejetia roundabout, Adum pampa so, prisons roundabout, aseda house street, asafo interchange, labour roundabout and Jubilee park would be an end point.

The 24-Hour Economy Proposition:

The NDC, under the leadership of H.E. John Dramani Mahama, is committed to the vision of a 24-hour economy. This proposition is driven by the pressing need to address unemployment challenges across various sectors of the economy.

“We believe that transitioning to a 24-hour economy will unlock immense opportunities for businesses and individuals.

We want to emphasize that anyone against this policy is an enemy of our economic liberation and does not have the youth at heart since the policy is here to provide Jobs.

Elsewhere, workers earn additional salaries by taking up additional jobs through this 24-hour shift system. Dr Bawumia in particular is on record to have shared how he took up a restaurant job whiles in the UK outside of school hours to earn some money.

Why is he preventing the 24 hour economy which will equally give the Youth and even students opportunity in the country.

The 24-hour economy initiative aims to create a vibrant and dynamic economic
landscape that operates round the clock. By doing so, we anticipate a surge in job
opportunities across sectors such as manufacturing, services, and technology.

This initiative will not only provide employment for our youth but also contribute significantly to the economic growth of the region.

Government Support:

The NDC, once in government, is committed to supporting both private and public institutions in the implementation of the 24-hour economy initiative.

This support will come in the form of policy frameworks, Tax incentives, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders. The Government under H.E. John Dramani Mahama shall also provide maximum security to ensure the success of the policy.

We believe that a partnership between the government and businesses is crucial for the successful realization of this vision.


The theme for our procession is “Ashanti Region will rise again”.

We chose this theme to communicate hope to every citizen in the Ashanti region who is unemployed or facing any financial difficulty.

We are here to assure them to not give up because help is on its way. H.E John Dramani Mahama will rescue the Country come 7th December, 2024 and he shall implement the 24 hour economy which will transform Ghana within 24 months.

The NDC is the only government that priorities health issues and the development of Ashanti Region.

The NDC under H.E. John Dramani Mahama initiated several
projects that have been abandoned by the current NPP administration.

The Kumawu, Fomena, Asewua, hospitils among several schools have been abandoned.

The 24 hour Economy will revive the economy and the NDC will support the call of the Asantehene to renovate KATH. That will be done and we shall further complete all abandoned hospitals, schools and projects within 24 months in government.

Ashanti is well catered for under this policy and we shall be out there on 21st
December, 2024 to engage with the people on this game changing policy.
We invite you all to join us in this mega procession to witness our commitment to a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of the Ashanti Region.
We look forward to your support and coverage of this important event.
Thank you for your kind attention.”It maintained.

Source: Ayisah Foster/Broadcastergh.com

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