Any Ghanaian who can’t speak or understand ‘Twi’ must leave the country – Kumchacha



Ghanaian pastor, Nicholas Osei, famously known as Prophet Kumchacha has controversially said that Ghanaians who can neither speak nor understand the Twi language must move from the country.

He remarked on the show “Who is here in Ghana that doesn’t understand Twi. Whoever doesn’t understand Twi in Ghana must leave the country.

If you are a Ghanaian and you don’t understand Twi move from this country and go to USA or UK,” he said amidst laughter in the studio.

Speaking on Accra-based Hitz ,the social commentator stated that some Ghanaians often laugh at him for his inability to speak English.

“In Ghana we have about 47 languages but English is out because everyone is learning so Prophet Kumchacha I am continuing to learn it.

“So if you listen to me and I’m speaking English and you are laughing at me, don’t think about me but think about yourself,” he continued.

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