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APP Blasts Current Leaders Over Youth Neglect



Founder and Leader of Action People’s Party,Mr.Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah has lambasted current leaders in the Country for the neglect of the youth.

According to him,the NPP government just last Monday spent millions of Ghana cedis on the celebration of this year’s independence day without thinking about the welfare of the it people.

He was of the view that, Ghanaians have no access to portable drinking water,good roads ,good health care, quality education and regular electricity supply yet leaders had the nerves to spend money on the independence day which is very unnecessary at this stage that the Country is in financial crisis.

Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah, further questioned that, are we not ashamed as a country who thinks is independent yet borrow money to feed it members and even pay it workers with borrowed money.

He said,most of the youth have no job to do and instead of our leaders to sit down , think and find solution to those problems they prefer to use our limited resources on unnecessary things like the independence day celebration which is full of bills.

He made it clear that, the budget alone for the independence day celebration can fix some problems in the Country but the leaders wouldn’t do that but will rather spend heartlessly and later bill us with the cost.

He said,it is only in Ghana that you see the aged enjoy life than the youth because the aged do not think about the younger generation but think about what they will enjoy till they die.

He quizzed that after 66 years of independence what can Ghana as a country boost of ?.Is it Gun?,cars or airplane that the only privileged are flying over?.

What matters as a Country has been thrown to the dogs and this has rendered the youth into abject poverty.

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