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NDC Primaries: Alhassan Adam declares intention to contest Nanton Constituency



An Astute Banker, Alhassan Adam, has declared his intention to contest the National Democratic Congress parliamentary primaries in the Nanton Constituency of the Northern Region.

Mr. Adam is among the over 800 individuals who has picked up nominations form to contest on the ticket of the National Democratic congress in upcoming primaries.

Aspirants are who have picked up the forms are expected to file their nomination from March 20, 2023.

The Banker, Alhassan Adam who declared his intention in an interview with Kesmi News said he intends to lead a transformation drive to build a strong base for the opposition party “to bring back the zeal and passion of its members in the Constituency to recapture the seat form the NPP.

He indicated that he would focus attention on human resource development of the constituency when given the nod to represent the NDC in the parliamentary elections and eventually win the seat.

“I am ever ready and presenting myself as the axis that binds, set the Constituency on fire and use the flame to light the paths to recapture the lost seat from the NPP having destroy the constituency with it bad leadership by Hardi Tuferu.

The National Democratic Congress lost the Nanton seat to the governing NPP Hon. Hardi Tuferu in 2012 with Comrade Ibrahim Mohammed Murtala as NDC parliamentary candidate and maintaining it in 2020 after a change of candidate Dr. Yakubu Salifu who has declared his intention not contesting again.

Speaking to Kesmi News, Mr. Adams said his main aim was to introduce and implement policies in the agriculture sector that would contribute to increasing yields of farmers as Nanton is a farming Constituency which is one of the main contributor to the food basket of the country.

“My team will be providing farmers with equipment and move them from using the age old way of farming.

We will provide at least a tractor and a combined harvester for them to stop the manual operations”, he said.

He described himself as development fanatic who is recognized in the constituency coming from the Zhieng electoral area, for his leading roles in the supporting of some key developmental projects like school, clinic and construction of bridges in some areas.

“I have made constructed and made donations to maintain boreholes some areas like Sindigu, Jegun Kukuo, Digu,Tampion Chief palace, Looni, Nanton Bogli, supporting the constructions of bridges in Guntigli and Batang-yili, cement for the renovation Nagdigu Nurses quarters e.t.c”

The Astute banker when ask why is leaving Tamale Central for Nanton Constituency after failing to be given the chance to lead his party in 2012, 2016 and 2020, he indicated that he was satisfy with the current works of the Member of Parliament of the area Comrade Ibrahim Mohammed and home calls after several consultations in both constituencies.

Mr. Adams stated that he has contributed to improving literacy by providing scholarship to some persons to study medicine at the University for Development Students and will continue to providing scholarship to Senior High School students.

“This has to be expanded across the constituency in a transparent manner”, he stressed.

He also seeks to mobilize funding to refurbish and make the Tampion Library functional as it was constructed by the Member of Parliament, Comrade Ibrahim Mohammed Murtala to help providing a solid foundation for pupils.
The Astute Banker also outlined his vision of enhancing vocational and technical education in the Constituency by providing opportunities for the youth to engage in skills training.

“There is the need to construct a vocational school at the constituency and such other facilities so skill training for the JHS graduates can continue, this if constructed will reduce migration of the youth to other regions to seek for jobs
Master craftsmanship scheme, to support in training the youth in carpentery, masonry, tailoring, dressmaking, hairdressing etc will be introduced”, he concluded.

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