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Armed police officers and soldiers clash in Accra central as traders run for their lives


Some personnel of the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Armed Forces clashed at the Central Business District of Accra on Monday.

According to a source, some military officers assaulted a Police officer who was riding a motorbike for a traffic infraction. Not even his plea that he is a Chief Inspector could spare him the wrath of the soldiers.

“You are a Police officer so what?” The soldiers are alleged to have retorted.

Our source said the Police officer ran to the Accra Central Police station and informed his colleagues about his ordeal. They followed him and overpowered the soldiers and arrested one of them

The rest of the soldiers called for reinforcement. Upon arrival the military men tried to rescue their colleague but the Police resisted. This resulted in a confrontation.

Amateur videos which popped up on social media showed the soldiers initially shoving a supposed Policeman in plain clothes.

The man was slapped and punched from all angles while wearing a helmet.

This triggered fear on the streets of the Central Business District as traders and passersby ran for their lives.

Subsequent videos depict the armed soldiers in front of the Accra Central Police Station.

The Policemen then went out to clash with the military officers.
Both security agencies involved are yet to publicly comment on the matter.

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