Arrest Binduri NDC Constituency Chairman Now!! – Ghana Police Told


Arrest Binduri NDC chairman now…..’Young Patriots’ to police. Upper East based youth group named ‘Binduri Young Patriots’ has called on the upper East regional police command to effect the arrest of Simon Azimbe, the incumbent Binduri Constituency chairman of the opposition national Democratic Congress and a parliamentary hopeful for aiding and abetting with his yonger brother, one Emmanuel Azimbe to allegedly defraud numerous individuals in and beyond the upper East region. Mr Akolbila Edward Alem, made the call on behalf of the group in a release.The release also described Emmanuel Azimbe as a serial fraudster. Below is the full release. For immediate release. NOTORIOUS FRAUDSTER AND UPPER EAST REGIONAL NDC FINANCIER IN POLICE GRIPS DISCLOSES HE FUNDED THE CAMPAIGNS OF THE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR BINDURI, FORMER PRESIDENT MAHAMA AND HIS BROTHER WITH THE STOLEN MONEY.  Our sources within the Upper East Regional Police Command confirm the arrest of AZIMBE EMMANUEL ABUGRI a.k.a BUKSON, a serial fraudster and failed Upper East NDC Regional Youth Organiser aspirant. Until his arrest on 20th March 2019, Mr Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri had gone into hiding since 2017 after defrauding several hundreds of people including, Teachers, Nurses, Businessmen, Contractors and Market Women of various sums of money estimated to the tune of about Ghc 5,000,000.00 using fake contract documents to lure unsuspecting investors. Mr. Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri who is the direct younger brother of the current NDC constituency Chairman for Binduri, Hon Simon Azimbe, is a known NDC financier within the Upper East Region. Bukson as he is affectionately called within the NDC cycles, solely financed the campaign of the current Member of Parliament for Binduri, Hon Dr Robert Kuganaab-Lem. A very reliable source within the Binduri NDC Executives disclosed that Bukson donated over 5,000 pieces of party paraphernalia and a cash amount of Ghc 20,000.00 to Hon Dr Robert Baba Kuganaab-Lem in his presence. Indeed it’s a matter of public record that Bukson also bussed, fed and paid allowances to people of Binduri descent from all over the country to come home and cast their vote for Dr. Robert Kuganaa-Lem and the NDC. This exercise as we have been reliably informed cost Mr.Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri over Ghc 100,000.00. A very close friend of Bukson expressed his disappointment in the NDC heavyweights within the Upper East Region for not doing anything to help his embattled friend. He stated that Bukson donated an amount of Ghc 200,000.00 towards former president John Mahama’s campaign in 2016 in the presence of some of these big men at Extee Hotel in Bolgatanga and does not understand why Bukson should go down a lone whiles the real beneficiaries of this gargantuan fraud are walking freely. He further disclosed that, his good friend, Mr Azimbe Emmanuel Abugri, donated a whooping GHc 50,000.00 towards Mr. Mahama and the NDC’s Unity Walk in the Upper East Region, an amount some faceless group of people hiding under “The Advocates” have described as widows mite. At the moment, there is serious acrimony between the NDC Chairman for Binduri, Hon Simon Azimbe and the Member of Parliament because of the MP’s refusal to intervene financially to help pay victims of the fraud. The Chairman in a blistering attack through the faceless advocates in a statement described the Hon Dr. Robert Kuganaab-lem, MP for Binduri as ungrateful for doing nothing to help Bukson. In that ill-advised statement they recount further details of how Bukson funded the MP’s election campaign with the fraudulent monies he swindled from hard working investors. In fact Hon Simon Azimbe at a Constituency Executive meeting, angrily declared his intention to contest the NDC parliamentary primaries when the party opens nominations as revenge for the MP’s neglect of his younger brother’s financial woes. We wish to emphatically state that Hon. Simon Azimbe and his younger brother operated as a syndicate and his desperate attempts to disassociate himself from this scandal will not wash. The NDC Chairman is in fact aware that his younger brother is a serial fraudster and their close association emboldened his activities. Our independent research show that Hon Simon Azimbe’s role in this grand scheme is to intercede when matters get out of hand. In fact Hon Simon’s intervention aided Bukson to get away with two fraud cases in the past. One involving an estimated amount of Ghc 80,000.00 between MTN Ghana and the other involving his business partners, Messrs Agoli Dauda and Majeed Ganda in the setting up of the “Azimbe Hospital” at Atuba. As a responsible elder brother, one would expect that he would inquire into the sudden wealth of his younger brother knowing full well that Mr Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri’s profession as a nurse cannot be the source of his sudden wealth. What is particularly shocking is Hon Simon Azimbe’s loud silence amidst accusations of conspiring with his younger brother to defraud unsuspecting investors. He was the greatest beneficiary of his younger brother’s new found wealth and his continued silence on this issue shows his insensitivity towards the victims of this gargantuan fraud. Some of the aggrieved victims who contacted Binduri Young Patriots remarked that when they began to agitate over non-payments of their investments, Hon Simon Azimbe personally intervened to calm them with a promise to ensure their investments are paid within a week. After the one week ultimatum elapsed and well after three months their repayments weren’t forthcoming, a follow up on Hon Simon Azimbe turned violent. They say Hon Simon Azimbe described them with words we cannot reproduce here. These victims further alleged that they are aware Mr Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri gave a huge amount of the stolen money to his elder brother to fund his ambition of contesting the upcoming NDC parliamentary primaries before he run into hiding. In conclusion, we are calling on all the beneficiaries especially Hon Dr. Robert Baba Kuganaab-lem, former President Mahama and the NDC to save the plight of the fraud victims from further tearing apart and refund all monies they received from Mr Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri now that it is clear such monies were fraudulently acquired. We further appeal to the Upper East Regional Police Command to pick up Hon Simon Azimbe to answer for the various roles he played in aiding and abetting this fraud. We have ample corroborations that suggest that Mr. Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri could not have acted alone. We believe other members of this fraud syndicate are out there as police investigations will soon reveal. We trust the police to act professionally and speedily on this matter to bring relief to these victims. Thank you. Yours Truly,For and on behalf of Binduri Young Patriots………..Signed………….Akolbilla Edward Alem.Source:broadcastergh.com /Ayisah Foster 

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