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Asawase Constituency:Masawudu Exerts Political Pressure On Muntaka Mubarak



The come back of Mr. Masawudu Mubarick to contest as the parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the NDC for Asawasi constituency in Ashanti Region has exerted political pressure on the incumbent MP Hon Muntakar Mubarak.

Masawudu was the main contender against the latter during the 2019 Parliamentary Primaries of the NDC but was however refused nomination forms by the party to contest against the then Minority Chief Whip.

His come-back campaign message appears venomous as he has strongly castigated the incumbent, saying since Muntakar’s 20 years stay in office as MP for the area he has done nothing monumental that should warrant his retention in office.

According to him Hon. Muntakar Mubarak has failed abysmally regarding human aspect of development.

He told the press after filing his nomination forms weeks ago at the Ashanti regional party office that though there has been some activities on infrastructural development in the area, the constituency is presently punctuated with a litany of white elephant projects under the poor leadership of the incumbent.

Mr. Masawudu attributed the cause of the foregoing to Hon. Muntakar’s lack of vision to direct projects to benefit residents.

“That is why when you comes to Asawase, you can count numerous projects that have gone wasted all because the leader does not understand the brain behind some of these interventions”.
He told the press that considering the unique opportunities Hon. Muntakar has, he should have done much for residents in the area.
“Within Greater Kumasi we have 18 constituencies and Asawase is the only seat of the NDC.

At the regional level, Asawase constituency stands supreme among the 4 NDC seats in terms of electoral votes.”


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