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Atwima Kwanwoma Residents Want Speed Ramps Constructed



Aggrieved residents of Kwanwoma Akyeremade and Behenase electoral area in the Atwima Kwanwoma district of Ashanti region have complained bitterly of lack of speed ramps.

The residents in their humbly appeal are asking stakeholders and authorities to construct speed ramps in the two communities to avert rampant killing and injuring of residents through motorists that ply their trades in the area.
They have however, given authorities two weeks ultimatum to find lasting solution to the problem, else they will embark on massive demonstration against them, especially the ruling NPP government.
Construction of Speed ramps in the two communities, we believe will curb or avert rampant knock-downs on the road which has lead to loosing innocent souls to their early graves.

*Reasons that militate to the accidents are as follows*
1. Since the tarring of the road, over speeding has become the hallmark of motorists plying that stretch of road, lead to a growing number of vehicle knock-downs in the town.
Our records are that Akyeremade Kwanwoma alone in some few months had recorded seventeen *17* road accidents cases with *10* ten out of the number dying whiles the rest of the victims nhavr become incapacitated and bedridden.

We the concerned residents, with unflinching support our incumbent Honorable Assembly Member in the person of Mr Justice Baffour Awuah, largely known as WOFA KUSI, have many attempts to get motorists to listen to our plea by slowing down when they are in the two Akyeremade /Kwanwoma – Yabi township have proven futile.
We are stating categorically that, we will advise ourselves if the necessary authorities failbto address our plea in next two weeks, effective from today Monday, 19th July 2021.

We believe the continual over speeding and adamant nature of drivers on the road is posing threat to the lives of dwellers especially, our children and aged persons considering the increasing settlement and population growth in the area after construction of the road.

As people, we hold the view that the creation of new speed ramps will help save or reduce the situation which has been an Albatros hanging on the necks of the good people of the said communities.
Per the above listed reasons we humbly call on your high office for urgent steps to be taken for the creation of speed ramps









Attached are some pictures of accidents.

Call Hon Justice Baffour Awuah, *(Assemblyman, Kwanwoma Akyeremade and Behenase electoral area)*

1.Augustine Addai *0543-452277*

2.Kofi Abu


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