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Augustine Blay grabs doctorate in IT from Capella University



Augustine Blay, Secretary to the Vice President of Ghana , Dr Mahamodu Bawumia has graduated from the Capella University, Minneapolis Minnesota in the United States of America  with PhD in Information Technology.

Showing profuse proficiency and deep knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI), government digital services, data science, digital transformation, change management as well as many others, Mr Blay comes out now as a full PhD holder.

This portal brings to you a brief educational and personal information of the highly intelligent secretary to Ghana’s 🇬🇭  Vice President.

School: Capella University
Program: Ph.D. in Information Technology
Date of graduation: April 2022
Commencement: March 2023 (delayed due to Covid)

Areas of Interest:
Artificial Intelligence
Government digital services
Digital Economy
Data Science
Digital Transformation
Technology Adoption
Organizational Behavior
Knowledge Management
Change Management

Title: Factors that influence employees’ intention to use their own devices, technologies, and solutions in organizations

“Assessing factors influencing employees’ intentions to enroll in a BYOD program in Ghana –mediating Hedonic motivation” (submitted for publication in the International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies)
“Investigating factors influencing employees’ intentions to enroll in a BYOD program in Ghana –mediating for Price Value” (submitted for publication in the Journal of Transport and Supply Chain)
“Factors Affecting Employees Behavioral Intentions to Participant in a BOYD Programme in the Port Supply Chain Network: A Correlational Study” (submitted for publication in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology)
“Impact of Maritime Container Transport on Economic Growth in Ghana: An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach”

1. Works as executive secretary to the vice president of the Republic of Ghana in the past six years
2. Over 15 years of experience leading technology teams in the US public and private sectors.
3. Played a critical role in deploying technology solutions underpinning the 2012 and 2016 NPP election monitoring and collation program.
4. During the 2012 election petition case, he led the technology team that built the tools and systems to tabulate and analyze the pink sheets.

1. “The Patriotic Youth of Ghana: Profile of the Unsung Heroes and the Secret Weapon of the 2012 Elections”
2. “What Ghana Can Teach The World: A Case of the 2012 Electoral Petition”
Languages: French, English, and Spanish

Hobbies: Guitar and social media

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