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 Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union LTD has held it’s 25th Annual Delegates Conference today at the Miklin hotel in Kumasi,the Ashanti regional capital. Speaking at the Delegatesconference,Madam Fatima Ali, President of the union said,it’s heartwarming to announce as promised last year that ,the TeleAgric center has taken -off ,with the pilot  phase on-going at Foase in the Ejisu-Juabeng district and over five hundred farmers have received smartphones with support from Roots Capital and Millinium Promise Alliance. She said,the smartphones are installed with applications that would help farmers in lot of ways such as helping early detection of diseases ,ensure plant health , increased yield and reduce pre and post-harvest losses in farms. This she said,would enable the farmer to reduce operational cost of farm maintenance and have more produce from the farm to sell in order to save and support the family. According to her,the timelines for full scale registration is being outlined  to ensure a full scale -up implementation. Gender mainstreaming in the Cocoa sector. She announced that,the Kuapa Kokoo gender program which is geared towards empowering women and their participation in the business and the governance of the organization has led to an increase of female memberships  from 33% to over 35%. This increment she said is partly due to the skills training,gender Justice,micro-credit the schemes and alternative livelihood projects which have been extended to women groups in the various societies. The president however noted that,it is worth noting that women’s social and economic empowerment is fundamental to the global goal of realizing gender equality and to a larger extent to the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.Theerefore,as Kuapa Kokoo partners with like-minded organization across the globe to provide support and tools for training and capacity building,they are well positioning themselves to implement measures to reduce gender gaps and promote equality in the economic and political spheres. On his part,Mr.Nelson Adubofour,Acting Executive Secretary,speaking on child labour announced that,the union will continue to ensure good lives for farmers. He said,farmers children also need to be prevented from engaging in child labour and it worst form. Adding that,knowing children involvement in the production of Cocoa farm,the unit has committed premium and qualified personels deploying good practice and practical measures to guarantee KKFU attain it’s objectives of producing sustainable and ethical Cocoa in the country. Foater

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