Basic schools in dire need of infrastructure – Coalition of Concerned Teachers



The Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) has expressed concern about the lack of proper infrastructure and basic amenities in basic schools across the country.

The teacher union said that thousands of basic schools lack furniture, teaching materials, and the requisite structures for learning.

CCT President King Ali Awudu charged the government to pay critical attention to basic schools.

“As I speak to you, there are thousands of basic schools that do not have the necessary learning materials and even some of the schools in the hinterlands do not even have furniture for students to sit on and the basic amenities in most of the schools are lacking,” Awudu said.

“The government has turned its eye on basic schools just like the way they have done to the senior high schools so we are hoping that one day, we will have that president and a government that will see the need to pump more resources into basic schools.”

Awudu’s concerns come as the Ghana Education Service (GES) announced October 3, 2023, as the reopening date for the first term of the 2023/2024 academic year for basic schools.

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