‘Best’ place to store carrots to keep them ‘fresh’ and edible for up to four weeks



It turns out most of us are storing carrots the wrong way, and you can extend this vegetable’s shelf life up to four weeks if stored the “right” way.

Carrots will keep fresh for up to a month when stored the correct way.

It can tempting to simply throw carrots in the fridge after a food shop, but not learning how to properly store carrots can lead to them becoming limp, slimy or even mouldy.

It turns out carrots will last much longer if kept out of the fridge’s vegetable drawer and left in their plastic packaging, which can cause carrots to expire very quickly.

Carrots need to be stored somewhere moist and cool to keep fresh, and are highly sensitive to humidity changes. A low humidity in the fridge can them to wilt while a very high humidity level can cause them to begin going mouldy.

Sarah Bond, a chef recipe developer and the founder of Live Eat Learn, has explained there is a “right way” to store carrots which can leave them crispy and fresh for up to four weeks.

She said: “Let’s walk through the best ways to store carrots so they stay fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them!”

Carrots exposed to the humidity in the fridge drawer can cause them to spoil quickly .

How to store carrots the proper way
Once you bring carrots home from the supermarket, do not wash them. Instead, store them in an airtight container filled with water.

Sarah said: [Carrots] are coated in a waxy layer that helps them last longer. If you scrub it off, it may reduce their storage life.”

Carrots need a balanced humidity. If the moisture level is too low, it will cause them to dehydrate and become “soft” or “wrinkly” according to Sarah.

Sarah said: “To prevent this, store whole unpeeled, unwashed carrots in a container, large jar, or sealable bag full of fresh water.

“Once submerged, carrots remain extra crispy and crunchy for up to 4 weeks in the fridge.”

The water will need to be kept fresh and changed every four to five days, but this method helps keep the carrots moist and fresh.

Carrots should be kept in a airtight container filled with water to help contro their moisture levels (Image: Getty)
An airtight container filled with water can control the amount of moisture and humidity which helps keep carrots fresher for longer.

It also minimises the amount of air and bacteria the carrots are exposed to, which stops them from drying out and helps keep them in a steadily cool environment.

Sarah said: “You can store carrots in a bag in the crisper drawer, but they will lose moisture more quickly than if kept in water. Whenever possible, store carrots submerged in water.”

Leftover chopped-up carrots can also be stored in a water-filled container to last a lot longer.

Sarah said: “Similarly to whole carrots, keep already cut carrots submerged in a container, jar, or bag of fresh water. If kept this way, they will last for two to three weeks in the fridge.”


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