Chicken Products affordable – Boris B Farms CEO affirms



By David Amoateng

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Boris B Group of Companies and Veterinary Service Limited ,Dr Boris Baidoo has described as very fortunate and encouraging ,the prices of chicken products in the market, explaining that, it is as a result of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) subside to reduce cost of maize and other poultry feed in the country.

According to him the cost of buying in the Christmas and New Year festive seems better, buying broilers and layers at prizes of Gh60, GH 70, Gh80 .
In an interview with this reporter, MOFA was on course in liaison with the poultry farmers in the country fixing prizes of soyabeans, sorghum, maize, oustershell and among others more bearable hence the moderate prizes of all the species of poultry in the December 2023 and this year January 2024.
He expressed satisfaction in the poultry business this year but reasoned that poultry farmers had already incurred lost due to the previous cost of the years back.
He said his outfit as Boris B’s Farms has instituted PPLIG which simply means Poultry and Pigetery Launched Improvement in Ghana.
He said this institution had help giving day old chicks to Farmers under the supervision of MOFA with seed capital to produce more Poultry for consumption in the country, a development he added that, his outfit provides technical advise as well as buying the poultry from the farmers to make them earn living.
Commenting on Boris B’s Chicken (BBC), Dr Baidoo pointed out chicken liver, gizzard, neck, wings, thugs and full chicken hygienic meat products available at Boris B’s Farm at Bantama in Kumasi.
The CEO revealed that only Boris Farm has a package for fellow Muslims brothers as to how to kill chicken to satisfy their taste which is called- HALAL
In a special appealed to the government, Dr Boris Baidoo reminded the government to help reduce the cost of electricity for farmers to enhance their businesses to reach a maximum height.

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