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Breakingnews : A/R, Nurse Turns Crocodile At Tafo Government Hospital

A student nurse who’s currently under clinicals at Tafo -Kumasi Government Hospital in the Old Tafo Municipality in the Ashanti Region has allegedly turned into a crocodile.
Report has it that the clinical nurse was sent to buy gari and beans(Gorb3, local food) by a staff midwife (nurse)who is pregnant  and upon her return the staff midwife begun to rain insult on her for not able to go by her orders in purchase of the food.
The clinical nurse who was not happy about the staff midwife’s humiliation went to the hospital’s nurses’ room waiting patiently for the staff midwife to come and eat.
According to the staff midwife , immediately she got to the nurses’ room , at her first sight saw the clinical nurse seated and later turned to a crocodile in few minutes ready to swallow her up  ,this made the staff midwife collapsed and became unconscious and was admitted at the same hospital on last Friday.
The staff midwife narrated her ordeal when she started recovering two days after and the crocodile clinical nurse has since not reported to duty.
To be continued.
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