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BRICH HUB Initiative Officially Launched In  Accra



BRICH HUB Initiative,a Non-Governmental Organisation has been launched in Accra and commissioned it’s new establishment to solve the problems of the society using technology.

The theme for the launched was:”Solving Societal Challenges the BRICH way of using technology”.

The President of BRICH HUB Initiative Mr.Richmond Asumadu said at the launch that,the Initiative is aimed to impact communities around by empowering training programs,mentoriing session, start ups engagement and community intervention to be the revolution in the African’s Technology Industry.

The focus of the establishment is to enable technology professionals and entrepreneurs to network,share,solve challenges and crate avenues for them to champion and celebrate technology professionals and entrepreneurs by building and ecosystem for the evolution of technology industry in africa.

The President of the BRICH HUB Initiative said,technology for development is designed to help identify societal issues and to provide solutions to those.

He further went to say the challenges been confronted with was mostly solved using technology which makes solutions easily solved.

The organisation is currently working on solutions to cars auto security,it has generated a device to operate wit the mobile application by entering your name and password to open a locked car if only the device was installed in the car with you not confronting any problem.

The establishment is currently working on one student,one tablet project to make learning become easier for students.

The establishment is not only to produce but their aim is to also solve problems,he said they will soon be engaging National Disaster Management Organisation(NADMO) to minimise the issue of flooding in the country especially at market centre and other places.The focus is to generate sirens that give alerts if there is flood in an area for prompt action to take place.

The President of BRICH HUB Initiative went further to say that the company will need the youth to engage in packaging,marketing,to sell across the entire country,which would crate job opportunities for them.

He extend his hands to the Governor Ghana and other stakeholders to come on board to help bring out the best in youth by funding the company to produce more,solve solutions and to create job opportunities which would involve many of the youth.

He said that if the project is been promoted,it would create more revenue by producing more gadget’s which will include laptops,Tablets in the country than focusing on other countries like China,India and the rest.

A Speech was read on behalf of the Minister of Youth and Sports Hon.Mustapha Ussif by Mr.Eric Mensah Bonsu,who is the Director of Human Resources said that the Ministry responsible for the youth development therefore any Initiative coming on board is welcome,because the development of the country is through Initiative and technology would be through the youth of the country.

He said the mandate of the Ministry is to formulate Youth and Sports Policies as well as coordinate,evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of the sector to achieve national integration and international recognition of the youth.

He went further to say the Ministry is willing to give it’s maximum support to the Initiative and to ensure it strive as a national assert.

The Director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on behalf of the sector Minister commended the President of BRICH HUB Initiative Mr.Richard Asumadu and the team for bringing such an initiative.

Religious leaders,traditional leaders,heads of institutions,representatives of other establishment were present at the launch…… Source…..Bugbila Moadow.

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