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Chairman Asare Bediako Tipped To Lead NPP-Ashanti 



A group calling itself ” Stand for NPP Victory “ in the Ashanti Region has tipped Chairman Asare Bediako to lead the party to victory in the 2024 elections.

According to the group, Chairman Asare Bediako is the NPP Ashanti Region’s best bet to secure victory for the party in the 2024 elections.

They added that he [ Chairman Asare Bediako ] is an honest, loyal, unifier, and hardworking man who has worked tirelessly over the years and continues for the party’s interest.

The Convener stated that Mr. Asare Bediako as the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP, will bring to bear a wealth of experience in party organization, resource mobilization and above all unity which will help in advancing the course of the party.

The group described him as a serious political strategist whose vision is to prepare a fertile ground as Ashanti Regional Chairman to ensure that the party breaks the monotonous jinx of two-term executive power between NPP and NDC, who believes the NPP should remain in power beyond 8 years.

Chairman Asare Bediako has worked hard to improve the electoral fortunes of the party and wrestling of seats hitherto considered as the traditional seats of the opposition NDC.

The group further stressed that considering what he has done for the party, it will not be difficult for him to marshal his experiences to retain power for the party in the 2024 elections.

The group concluded that if we (NPP) want to retain power in 2024, then there is a need to reposition ourselves in planning and strategise well, as well reducing the internal bickering, which will be healthy for the party.

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