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Change of leadership in minority in Parliament a good decision-NDC Communicators Movement

President of NDC Communicators movement for victory 2024, a supportive group within the NDC party with  the aim of achieving power 2024, Mr. Samuel Mensah has stated that, the decision by the NDC party’s national leadership to change their leadership in parliament is a good decision to bring the party into  power in election 2024.
According to him, the outgoing leaders have done their part in serving the party and the incoming ones will also do their best to bring the party to power.
He called on the entire party executives and the members not to allow this change to create any cracks in the party but should strengthen everyone to help to achieve power.
Research and Operation director for the movement, Mr. Emmanuel Peprah ,also called for unity in the party to help achieve power in the upcoming general elections.
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President Of The Movement.
(Mr. Samuel Mensah)
Research And Operation Director For The Movement.
(Mr. Emmanuel Peprah)

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