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Chartered Institute of Credit Management Launches 2021 Annual Ghana Credit Excellence Awards.



The Chartered Institute of Credit Management has launch this year annual awards today at the cedi conference centre at the university of Ghana.

The commitment to its mandate is to promote
the standard of professional competence in good credit and risk management in Ghana,through a variety of initiatives that it had undertaken over the years as a professional organization, registered under the professional bodies Act 1973(NRCD 143).

Mrs.Helen Obeng-Okon President of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management said the Excellence Awards seeks to identify,recognize,and celebrate the achievements of organizations that have represented excellence in leadership,sound Credit Risk practices and have made significant contributions to the socio-economic development of Ghana.

The overarching aim of the Awards is to champion professionalism and development of directors, corporate executives, credit and related risk professionals to pursue best practices in good Credit Risk Management for the benefit of organizations and stakeholders all for the prosperity of Ghana.

The theme of the launch of the event is:” Leveraging the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) to Boost Ghana’s Socio-Economic Development:The Role of the Financial Services Sector.

It hoped the Ghanaian Bank must be prepared to partner with other organizations to explore the opportunities that are available in the African Continental Free Trade(AfCFTA) programme.To them Ghanaian banks must be ready to deploy their capacity,platfoamand network to achieve the AfCFTA objectives ,Banks must have a commitment,capacity and network to support the realization of AFCFTA objectives.

To them banks must understand the regulatory environment,cultures and have the technology and innovation platform to prosecute their mandate.In the consequence,Banks must support Fintechs to push Africa to benefit from the global market trade agenda.

The African continent has focused on security and political issues,nothing that focus is now being shifted towards trade and investment related
matters.Banks therefore must employ digitization,whiles fintechs drive financial inclusion to enhance participatory and patronage convergence point for all stakeholders in the credit risk value chain.

They want to drive trade inclusion through fintechs that would be affordable,accessible, and available to all.Border closure and
xenophobic issues have to be addressed according to the rules of trade agreements.Foreigners have to be protected by the dictates of the agreement to warrant harmonious cross border trade regime.

To them all foreign entities must be treated like domestic players to eschew discrimination.AfCFTA has improved on the world trade organization(WTO). requirements on trade facilitation and we would ensure that countries meet up with their obligation to ensure smooth trade.

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management Ghana Credit Excellence Awards is scheduled for Thursday 16th September 20121.

Source…..Peter Moadow.

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