Check Out 3 Major Things Men Fear In Women



There are a lot of men out there who are afraid to approach a lady or date a lady because of the following reasons that I’m going to list below.

1. Beauty.

Some ladies are beautiful to the extent that men are afraid to approach them. Their beauty has put fear in men who find them attractive. I remember when I first meet my girlfriend, I was not able to look at her or talk to her because her beauty make me speechless.

2. Smart.

We have women who are very smart when they are in relationships. They can be cheating on you without being caught. They can date five men at the same time and serve every one of them equally without being caught. I think it is a gift God gave them. I have come across such women so from that time I’m afraid of women.

3. Movement

Some men are afraid of women who like travelling or who like to move from one place to another. Women who don’t settle in one place. This type of woman easily switches boyfriends.

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