Check Out The General Health Benefits Of 3P Garlic Mixture



3P Garlic Mixture is 100% garlic extract and Natural Plant Juice, Full of Vitamins and Minerals, Especially Vitamin C without Water or Boiling.

Is Purely Organic Extract Which is Good For the Treatment of the Conditions Linked to the Blood System and the Heart .

Amongst Some of the Conditions That 3P Garlic Mixture can Treat are ;
# Immune Booster
# High Blood Pressure
# Menstrual Pains
# High Sugar Level
# Numbness ( Tritritii)
# Obesity
# Stroke
# Asthma
# Difficult or Frequent Urination
# Bloated Stomach
# Stress
# General Body Pain

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Bennol and Gabson Pharmacy
*Accra -Okaishie*
Angel Herbal

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