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Check Out Why Teachers Are Striking; Reasons Will Shock You



Reasons why three teacher unions are striking will blow your mind.

Read the following and see why;

Professor Opoku Amankwa was,on the neck of govt of Ghana to implement a policy that will help teachers get other allowances. Clothing alliances . These were part of the collective agreement of 2008. In 2018, this collective agreement came up and Prof Opoκo Amankwah was pushing govt and the ministry to implement the agreement. For those who don’t know, the allowances include
1. Rent allowance
2. Transportation allowance
3. Clothing allowance
4 Health allowance.

Prof Opoko had already seen to the implementation of that of District / Municipal directors whereby the inclusion of these allowances had taken District / Municipal Director’s salary from a minimum of ghc 3,500 + to a current minimum salary of ghc 10,000.00. Theirs even include entertainment allowance.

This was where Prof was beginning to have problem with the govt because what he was pushing for was too huge fr the govt.

Then he also held the opinion that fSHS should be reviewed fr parent to also play a role in the quality education of kids.
All these were things that made the politicians say he Prof Opoko doesn’t have the govt at heart.

Guys, the bottom line is that Dr Eric Nkansah was only brought to come and carry on the orders of his bosses not anything in the interest of teachers.
Pls, the Union leaders also have a lot of background info. The issues go beyond the appointment of Dr Nkansah.

Source: Ayisah Foster,

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