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Companies Donate To The Rebecca Foundation Relief Boxes Challenge

More companies continue to donate to The Rebecca Foundation Relief Boxes Challenge after the initiative was launched in Accra last Thursday. The latest to donate to the Foundation are AquaFresh Ltd., producers of Fruitelli, Kalypo and Yoyo Fruity. Faytex Ltd. producers of sanitary pads ,A-1 Bakery Ltd and Melcom.AquahFresh Ltd donated two hundred boxes (200) of its products while Faytex Ltd donated one thousand (1000) packs of sanitary pads, A-1 Bakery, two thousand (2000) loaves of bread and Melcom three hundred (300) bottles of sanitizers  The donations are in response to The Rebecca Foundation Relief Boxes Challenge, an initiative of The Rebecca Foundation in partnership with corporate Ghana and other partners to support the most vulnerable women and identifiable groups including Kayayei, the aged, the destitute and single mothers who are adversely impacted by the current Covid-19 situation, by providing them food and basic hygiene products for themselves and their families. Receiving the items, Executive Director of The Rebecca Foundation and First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Rebecca Naa Okaikor Akufo-Addo said she was very enthused at the response by companies to partner with The Rebecca Foundation to alleviate the discomfort brought about by the Covid-19 menace and the necessary steps being taken by government to curb its spread. She said while government appreciated the socio-economic discomfort associated with the measures being taken to prevent wide-spread infection of the deadly Covid-19 virus and was taking steps to mitigate such discomfort, it was imperative for corporate institutions and individuals to identify ways of joining government to ease the difficulties of the most vulnerable in society. Apart from receiving relief items from benevolent institutions which have since been distributed to target recipients in Accra and Kumasi, Mrs. Akufo-Addo said The Rebecca Foundation has also made donations of ventilators, water storage tanks and washing machines to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital as well as surgical gloves and gowns, nose masks and disposable aprons among others, to the Contact tracing team of the Ghana Health Services. The First Lady said The Rebecca Foundation will continue to work closely with stakeholders to provide safety nets for the vulnerable in society and incentivise health personnel who have put their lives on the line to ensure that Covid-19 does not put Ghana on her knees.Source: Foster

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