Confirm Your HIV Status Once you See These New Symptoms



HIV weakens the immune system making the body unable to fight infections.

Progressed HIV leads to AIDS.

With increased research, medicine has been able to delay or stop the progression of HIV to AIDS through antiretroviral therapy (ARV), helping infected persons to live comfortably and lead a normal life even with the disease. However, it is important to get tested early and know your HIV status before the viral load becomes too high and develop to full blpown AIDs that could be too hard to deal with. According to medicalnewstoday, you should get yourself tested immediately you notice these symptoms just to rule out the infection;

1.Painful joints and swollen lymph nodes

Painful joints and enlarged lymph nodes are a symptom for many viral diseases such as hepatitis,mononucleosis, herpes, and HIV. Swollen lymph nodes can be felt under the armpits, neck region and crotch. If you get recurrent swollen nodes, it is important to get tested to rule out HIV.

2.Skin rashes and lesions

Late stages of HIV and AIDS can be signaled by skin rashes and lesions caused by Kaposi Sarcoma, a common skin cancer in people with HIV.

2.Loose bowels

Between 30 – 60 percent of people with early HIV stages experience loose bowels or even diarrhoea. Even though these can be a sign of many other diseases, loose bowels that don’t go away even with treatment could be a sign of HIV and its therefore important to get tested.

3.Excessive weight loss

This can be attributed to severe diarrhea associated with early HIV infection. If a person loses more than 10% of their normal weight, expeiences loose bowels, and fever, for a period of more than 30 days, it should be a cause for concern and one should get tested as soon as possible.

4.Night sweats

More than 50% of people with HIV infection experience mild to severe night sweats. These occur regardless of being in a room with noremal room temperature and wearing loose clothes.

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