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Continue To Keep Faith With NPP Because The Elephants Know How To Survive Under Severe Dry Season: Razak Kojo Opoku Writes



Just like the Dry season, the current economic condition is not favorable to the welfare of majority of Ghanaians especially in the areas of Fuel and depreciation of the Cedi. However, relatively, the Cedi is experiencing some level of stability and hopefully the Cedi will be appreciating against the Dollar in the course of time.

But the good news is that, NPP is the only Party with the right turnaround solutions to the prevailing economic crisis that is why God has placed NPP in power during difficult time like this. If it was NDC in power during this global economic crisis, Ghanaians would have been experiencing much worse and severe hardships than today. The track record of John Mahama and NDC attest to this fact.

The Elephants are animals that have proven to find nourishment in the dry season and they are able to survive under severe drought. Indeed Water is life.

During difficult period of dry season, Elephants dig very large holes using their feet, trunks and tusks to find underground springs(adequate supply of water) and draw as much as possible water at a time with their trunks. The Elephants through this novelty also get access to other useful mineral sources buried deep below the surface. If the water is in short supply, the Elephants will take a Dust Bath instead.

When the Elephants are done with the use of the water, other animals suffering under the dry season also come to take advantage of whatever water is left behind.

The holes dug by the Elephants also provide mud which they scoop up and spread over their skin as means of protecting themselves from the sun and biting insects.

Also during dry season, Elephants that live in areas where baobab tree grows are able to use this tree as a source of water. The Elephants push the baobab tree with their heads or rip at the trees with their tusks breaking the trees open. Inside the trunk of each baobab tree is a Reservoir of Water, which the Elephants use to nourish themselves and other animals also take advantage of this opportunity to cool off.

The New Patriotic Party(NPP) with the Elephant as a symbol possess this special trait of the Elephant in times of difficulty just like a dry season in the jungle.

The several measures put in place by Akufo-Addo’s Government will soon bring relief to Ghanaians.

There is no use for umbrella during dry season. Therefore NDC can never be an credible alternative because they were even clueless about domestic Dumsor.

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