Coups take us back -Louisa Atta-Agyemang Tells Africans As She Addresses The FDR Party In Togo



In a stride towards bolstering interparty collaboration and advancing the cause of democracy, the Co-Chairperson of DUA, Md. Louisa Atta-Agyemang, travelled to Togo to attend the congress of the Forum Démocratique Républicain – a member party of the Democrat Union of Africa and one of the leading political parties in Togo. With a resolute purpose, Md. Atta-Agyemang’s journey was aimed at strengthening the ties between DUA and the FDR party and to share meaningful insights with the party.
Under the theme, “Let’s Break the Chains of Servitude to Regain the Pride of Being Togolese,” the FDR’s ccongress provided a platform to empower party members, foster unity, and enhance the party’s resurgence. The theme’s resonance echoed the heartfelt yearning of the Togolese people to overcome challenges, reclaim their heritage, and pave the way for a brighter future.
The presence of Md. Louisa Atta-Agyemang at the congress signified the dedication of the Democrat Union of Africa to nurturing cross-border partnerships, specifically with the FDR party, and fostering an exchange of progressive ideas within the African political landscape. Her attendance added on to the discourse surrounding democratic principles, as well as enhancing the collective understanding of effective governance and political strategies. The event was heavily attended by the high-ranking members of the party led by the Chairperson Hon Apevon Dodji.
With an emphasis on unity and progress, the FDR Party Congress served as a platform for collaboration, discussion, and transformative conversations. Md. Atta-Agyemang’s participation further highlighted the need to promote democratic ideals and the holistic development of African nations. She brought the audience’s attention to the fact that development cannot thrive in chaos and hence centre right political parties should always work to protect the democratic dispensation of the state. In her address, she condemned the increasing use of coups to take power in the West African Region: “African leaders and the entire world must stand to strongly condemn the recent increase in Coups in the West African Sub-region. The recent one in Niger is one that comes to test the resolve of all of us. We must learn that the consequences of Coups are always retrogressive and affects the socio-economic gains made, no matter how little it may be. I believe that no matter how terrible a Democracy may be, it is always better than a dictatorship. Leaders in the West African region must find diplomatic and all reasonable means to curb this phenomenon starting with Niger. Taking power by force cannot become a way of life. Democracy’s light prevails over Tyranny.” Her calls come in strongly to support the international calls for a return to civilian rule in Niger, after power was forcefully seized by the military junta in West Africa’s uranium rich country.
In the aftermath of the congress, the FDR party hopes to garner momentum to capture power in the foreseeable future. Md. Louisa Atta-Agyemang’s participation in the FDR Party Congress is a remarkable step towards strengthening ties, fostering unity, and harnessing the collective power of African political leaders for the betterment of their nations.

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