CSO’s, Human Rights Groups Urged To Condemn Recent Genital Vanishing Hoax



Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and Other Human Rights Groups have been urged to add their voice in condemning recent genital vanishing scare that has hit some parts of Ghana, especially Kasoa and it environs.

The hoax, as the scare has been described by a lot of well meaning Ghanaians has led to the maiming of innocent people who, are mostly foreigners.

Even though medical practitioners and other para-medics have debunk such claims as untrue, many more people still suffer the humiliation of their lives as they are accused by lawless people and subsequently given people’s justice.

It is upon this same cynical accusations of foreign nationals that arouse the furry of Chief David Ukueku, High Chief of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Nigeria-Ghana chapter to condemn the situation which, is taking a different dimension in the Awuru Senya East Municipality of the Central Region of Ghana.

According to Chief Ukueku, he had to personally intervene to save the life of a Nigerian by name; Abdullahi Abdramani Ibrahim, from Kogi State, who was wrongfully accused of causing someone’s genitals to vanish in Kasoa, last Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

According to the victim, he came to Ghana on March 23, 2024 to trace a missing brother. Ibrahim, told reporters that he only asked somebody to direct him from Kasoa to Tudu in Accra, where he could bored a car to Nigeria.

He narrated that the people around realised he was a foreigner who new nothing about his environment and decided to take advantage of him.

According to Abdulrahim Ibrahim, they realised he had money on him and therefore, they decided to take advantage of him.
“Had it not been for Chief Ukueku, I would have died by now”, he revealed.

The victim claimed that, one Nelson, 22 years of age and a Ghanaian electrician,, who raised the force alarm has been remanded by A Circuit Court at Awutu Breku, to reappear on April 11, 2024.

Chief David Ukueku, is therefore, calling on the Nigerian High Commission, Civil Society Organisation and Other Human Rights Groups to add their voice to this deliberate attempt on the part of some unscrupulous people to take advantage of other especially West Africans including Nigerians for granted.

Source :Dan Ray, Kasoa

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