Daily habits that damage your eyesight



Eyes are very vital organs because they enable us to see. Damage associated with eyes can lead to total or partial blindness.

Many people are not aware of these habits that tend to damage the eyes. They include;

1. Staring on your smartphone or computer

The tiny texts in your computer or smartphone subject you to straining in order to read. The longer you strain the the bigger the damage to your eyes. It causes blurred vision and dizziness.

It is advisable to put away your phone after every 20 minutes and also enlarge the font on your phone to avoid straining.

2. Smoking

Everyone is aware that smoking causes heart and lung problems but miss out on the eyes. Smoking affects eye tissues since they cause macular degeneration. A smoker also risks getting other eye conditions such as cataracts, vision loss and uveitis.

3. Failure to protect your eyes when swimming

This is common among many people. Swimming without goggles expose your eyes to water containing chlorine and other salts. This will cause eye irritation.

4. Having a poor diet

Just like other organs, eyes require food enriched with nutrients for its well being. Vitamin A, C, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc are good for your eyes and they are found in leafy green vegetables and fruits.

Water is also essential as it prevents your eyes from dehydration and it is also a raw material for tear production.

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