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Don’t be  ungrateful to Kennedy Agyepong – NPP Communication Secretary in North America to Nyaho Tamakloe



The comment by Senior Member of NPP, Dr Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe that Hon Kennedy Agyapong has not done anything for the party is the most ungrateful statement by any NPP member in recent history.

What is shocking is to hear it come from a senior member who always assumes to know so much about the party. Well, he goofed big time.

His lack of knowledge in the many contributions made by Hon Kennedy Agyapong only shows that the senior member either has his own candidate that he feels should lead the party or he is just not in terms with the internal welfare of the party.

But for the members of the NPP and the general public to be reminded of the truth, we would not have responded to your comments. The reason is that, in recent years, you appear to be more National Democratic Congress (NDC) member than the NPP.

As a leading member, we believe you know the rules and regulations as well as duties of a member of the party yet, you defied the rules and openly campaigned for the NDC presidential candidate, H.E. John Mahama in 2012, 2016 and the 2020 general elections

Not only that you did these but have consistently used many unprintable words to run down then candidate Akufo-Addo who was running for elections and continue to drag his name in the mud even as President of the Republic.

Ken’s contributions

Such attitude of yours make us believe that, you have crossed carpet to join the NDC . But, out of respect for the elderly, we will spell out some of the contributions of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong in the NPP for your attention since you seem not to be aware of his tremendous assistance for the party

In what looks like zoom interview with Joy News in Accra, the Senior Member, mentioned to the host who herself appeared shocked, that Kennedy Agyapong should come and tell us what he has done for the party.

Who in Ghana does not know what Hon Kennedy Agyapong has done for the NPP? Thankfully, millions of Ghanaians both home and abroad are aware of what Hon Kennedy Agyapong has done and continues to do not only for the NPP but the people of Ghana in general.

For the sake of this discussion we will limit it to NPP as a political party. Hon Kennedy Agyapong started working for the NPP since the ’90s when the late Prof. Adu Boahen was the leader of the party.

He gave Prof. Adu Boahen $200,000 to support his presidential bid. He single-handedly donated over 200 pick up trucks to the various constituencies under the respective leadership of J.A. Kuffour in 1996. He extended similar gesture to Nana Akuffo Addo, a gesture he continues to display in order for the party to have a smooth operations even at the constituency levels.

In 2004, he bought 100 pick ups for party and turned Assin North from NDC stronghold to NPP stronghold.  In 2008, he and his partner gave the party 245 TATA pick ups, 600 motor bikes and 77 Russian trucks(sprayed in party colours) .

He also gave $2million to support the party in the run-off election in 2008. In 2012, 2016 and 2020, he again distributed pick ups and motor bikes as well as cash amounts.

Women’s wing support

The women’s wing of the NPP are great beneficiaries of the Hon MP. Then the youth, especially those who are collectively called foot soldiers. Without any doubt, his financial support has contributed to bring the NPP to where it is today.

No one can talk about all the general elections in Ghana that involved the NPP without the active participation and influence of Hon Kennedy Agyapong. He put his hard earned reputation on the line to defend the current NPP government from distractors many of whom gave him a lot of enemies.

His honest, brutal and truthful character has set him apart from all who are contesting the position of flagbearer of the NPP. This seems to be a threat to the senior member who has decided to belittle the sweat and sacrifice that Kennedy Agyapong has put into the NPP all these years.

Senior member Nyaho Tamakloe can do all his bid for his candidate but that will not take away the fact that the Assin North MP, Kennedy Agyapong, will continue to serve the NPP and the people of Ghana.

In fact, he has been serving the people of Ghana on the ticket of the NPP since the 3rd Parliament. He has successfully gone through a fiercely contested elections that ushered in the 4th Parliament, the 5th Parliament, and the 7th Parliament.

He continues to sponsor countless youth of the NPP and the evidence of this is available for the Senior Member Nyaho Tamakloe to find.

At this point, what Hon Kennedy Agyapong is saying is that he is not only concerned about what he can do for NPP but what the  party can do for the people of Ghana and that is one of the reasons why he is contesting the flagbearership and the subsequent Presidential elections in 2024.

The writer is NPP Communication Secretary in North America.

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