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Don’t lose hope, Christ Jesus Lives —-Archbishop Agyin Asare To Ghanaians



The General Overseer of Perez Chapel, Archbishop Charles AGYINASARE has encouraged Ghanaians to stay hopeful despite the present harsh economic conditions in the country.

He noted that God has a speciality of pulling his people through difficult times and making them fruitful afterwards.

Addressing the media at the Kumasi Airport ahead of a convention he would be Addressing Thursday evening and Friday night in Kumasi at the House of Faith Ministries, the revered clergyman said Ghana had faced worst conditions where food was even scarce to come by.

“In the early 80’s Ghana was hit with drought and famine and the situation was compounded with political instability but despite these situations Chrsitians prayed and God showed mercy and I believe we at it again and I assure you we will do well for his glory”, Archbishop AGYINASARE stated.

The Perez Chapel Overseer admonished the youth to use their productive years to prepare themselves and hope for better opportunities while they wait.

He stressed that God has always found man useful, adding that in his equation one person who is prepared is enough for him to use yo bring deliverance and hope to his people.

On his part, Rev Isaac QUAYE, another guest speaker at the House of Faith Ministries program dubbed Faith Convention urged Ghanaians to look up to God in prayer and stay hopeful for grace to do well in life.

He stated that God wants people to be industrious since men are blessed through the work they do.

Giving a background to the Faith Convention, Chairman of the Planning Committee,  Reverend Douglas Okonah Frempong said the convention is an evangelistic movement that has had people from different denominations playing a part.

He disclosed that the move was begun in 1982 and has been an avenue where each year different speakers and men of God are assembled to deliver the word of God to Christians and the people of Ghana.

This year, as part of the program there would be a float for the youth of Kumasi which will end at the House of Faith Ministries where a forum would be held to educate the youth on a wide range of topical issues including Godly living.

Rev Frempong urged Kumasi residents to take advantage of the ongoing program which would end on Sunday to draw from the well of Jesus Christ who is the Lord of Life.

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