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Dr.Bawumiah Doing Dirty Job In His   Northern Region Tour -Group 

In what can be described as an attempt to emotionally blackmail my Northern Muslim brothers and incite them against the Akans, my brother Alhaji Dr Muhammadu Bawumia made some shocking claims,  when he met Party Executives from six constituencies in Tamale yesterday.
Flanked by almost 32 Ministers, MPs and MMDCEs that had come with him in a convoy of 30 V8s, in a near six hour meeting, speaker upon speaker attempted, in local dialect to explain why it was critical for all Northern Delegates to unite behind Alhaji Bawumia to become the first Muslim Northerner to be elected Presidential Candidate regardless of whether or not it will help us win 2024 elections.
What made me sad and upset is when he maliciously took the opportunity to re-educate us about how the Akans in the party hate Northern Muslims and thus offer them ”dirty jobs” in government. I have used the phrase ”re-educate us” because yesterday wasn’t the first time he made such unfortunate statement.
In an attempt to explain what he meant, he used the Supreme Court case as example that when it comes to jobs the can draw public criticisms, the NPP always find it convenient to call on Northerner to execute it. That is why he was put in a witness box for the whole world  to see and that if it had not gone well, he would have been easy target.
Furthermore, Alhaji sought to rubbish the role of the Vice President as a dirty job that NPP has found convenient to give out to Northerners because basically there is nothing to do as Vice President unless the President assigns you something to do.
Alhaji stated, if you are a Vice President, you are just waiting for the President to instruct you, so it is “Yes Sir (Yesa), Master (Massa) job”.
As if this was not bad enough, the concluding remarks of Alhaji made me understand why  all our phones were taken away by the Regional Secretary and we were frisked searched to ensure no information leaks.
These were Alhaji’s exact words and, for me, I now consider him a dangerous Muslim.
Speaking in local dialect, Alhaji said “my brothers and sisters, you have me, an example of a man who the NPP has used to do a very dirty job as Vice President. If you do not help me to become flagbearer then that is the end of us. We shall continue to do that dirty job for the Akans who have no respect for us”
For me, I felt so sad and sorry for the Akan delegation like Sammi Awuku who did a very good presentation of Veep but couldn’t hear what Veep was telling us in our local dialect.
Alhaji, thanks for 100 Ghana Cedis you gave us but I respectfully disagree with you; the VEEP job is NOT a dirty job; it is a high profile job and you were able to come with such long convoy because you are the Vice President.
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