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Dr. Frank Adjei Donates Vehicle to Ashanti Regional Police Headquarters


The Ashanti Regional Police Headquarters today has received a brand new Pickup Vehicle from a businessman Dr. Frank Adjei to aid the operations of the Police in the Ashanti Region.

Dr. Frank Adjei has been supporting the Ghana Police Service and other organizations in diverse ways, and the donation of the Vehicle is one of the several charity works undertaken by Dr. Frank Adjei.

Dr. Frank Adjei is a worthy model business magnet and a seasonal philanthropist. Dr. Frank Adjei has a business interest in Lottery, Commerce, Real Estate, Transport, Hospitality and Entertainment.

He founded the Lotto and Lotteries Company Limited, National Association of Private Lotto Operators and Agents in Ghana, Rema-Jason Company Limited and Rema-Jason Ventures. He also founded the Ghana National Chamber of Banker to Banker Lotto Operators and Agents in Ghana.

Issued by: Corporate Communications Unit of Lotto and Lotteries Co. Ltd.

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