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Dr.Nana K.Gyasi Honoured For Cutting Down Unemployment In Ghana

    Dr.Nana K.Gyasi ,Chief Executive Officer of Nana  K.Gyasi company limited,dealers in building and construction materials has been honoured for employing over two thousand people across the country . This step taking by the philanthropist has cut down unemployment in the country. In a citation of honour presented to him at the Movenpick Ambassador hotel in Accra,it was indicated that  DR. NANA KWADWO GYASI has achieved so much and shown gross support to individuals, communities, and Ghana as a nation. His contributions and support at the national level is countless. The poor and needy are found in the center of his  heart.    “As a great philanthropist, you share with the poor and needy who don’t have what to eat and drink, giving shelter and clothes to the homeless. Paying of tuition fees is your priority and passion. You see the needy and poor so precious as GOLD is to a wealthy man.   You have created many jobs to employ the redundant in a society. Your passion to motivate people to create jobs and/or enhance their businesses is your import.  As a staunch Christian and a Pentecost elder, you have been supporting many churches, building auditoriums for churches and caring for many needs whatsoever.   Nonetheless, DR. NANA KWADWO GYASI is presently called this day to fellowship as a “FELLOW” of the PAN AFRICAN HEROES FOUNDATION.  Rectitude International Mission deems it fit to present to you the “GOSH OF GOLD” Honors, which is the highest/ultimate award intended to honor people of outstanding contribution, this day at the PRESIDENTIAL GLOBE AFRICAN HEROES HONORS 2019.          Congratulations!!! AYEEKO!!! Mo ne Adwumapa!!! Mo ne yoo!!!”Said professor Victor Kwabena Yankah, Secretary General, Rectitude International Mission. Foster                                                               

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