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E-levy Brouhaha: “Shut-up And Learn From Us”- Musah Superior To NDC



Vociferous Musah Superior says he totally bamboozled over the posture of the rank-and-file of the NDC towards the E-levy initiative.

Following the decision by the opposition to vote against the passage of the bill as spelt out at their town hall meeting held in Kumasi on Monday, the former Tamale Mayor said members of the umbrella party are behaving as though they are living in antiquity and are out touch with the knowledge on the relevance of digitization of which E-levy is an offspring.

According to the NDC as reported by Ghanaian Times “all the 137 MPs will vote against it and even if the government decides to push it, we will not be part of its implementation”.

Rebutting the foregoing, Hon Musah Superior described that as a gross display of ignorance.

“They better shut-up and learn in silence from us. They (NDCs) need more schooling on the collosal loads of merits which the E-levy will offer the country and that will save the nation from their false views and interpretations”.

Hon Musah Superior- NPP General Secretary hopeful set the record straight that the E-ley is not something that will impose any economic burden to the citizenry.

He said it will offer the citizenry more benefits especially in the area of employment and construction plus other sectors.”

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