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Education Director,Art & Culture Coordinator tour schools in Afigya Kwabre South

Mr.David Akomeah Asokwa, Education Director together with Mr.David Nana Obeng ,Art and Culture Coordinator,Afigya KWABRE South District in the Ashanti Region on April 1st ,2022  embarked on a working visit to Basic and Junior High Schools in the  District to observe traditional dress day with them.
Speaking to the press after the tour,Mr.David Akomeah Asokwa, Education Director noted ,most of the school going age children have lost their culture (dress code) because of foreign culture.
He revealed that rekindling of wear Ghana in schools will help to reshape the attitude of wearing mini skirts which the Ghanaian society doesn’t encourage.
The education director made it clear that the introduction of traditional dress day in schools which is observed every 1st April is for the pupils to realize that they have a culture as Ghanaian.
Adding that,the pupils should know that they are Ghanaians and have their own way of culture, traditions and customs.
He noted that ,alot of things have gone wrong in the society in terms of culture because people now think they can wear whatever they like and walk free in the society.
He said though they have the liberty to do whatever they like but they should also consider where they come from as a Ghanaian.
Mr.David Akomeah was of the view that the move was to  help pupils  realize that the is a  culture that they have as a Ghanaians .
“There is something that we call the indigent ,thus, there’s something that was used to train us from the days of our grandparents before we came this far ,so these things that I want our children to still have at heart and make sure that it is patronized.”He deduced.
According to him,alot of things have lost in our society in terms of our culture which needs to be rekindled.
On his part, Art and Culture Coordinator, Afigya KWABRE South, David Nana Obeng who is the brain behind the introduction of the traditional dress day explained the need to rekindle the spirit of wear Ghana in schools.
According to him, when we were nurtured by our grandparents,we were taught how to dress as Ghanaians.We were not taught to expose ourselves in our dress but society is now deviating because of learned culture which is not acceptable in our society.
So the brain behind the introduction of traditional dress day is to inculcate in them the spirit of learning their culture and also to understand that they were born Ghanaians and need to go by their customs and traditions.
Adding that, wearing traditional dress to school doesn’t affect teaching and learning since pupils and teachers were seen in their traditional dress without any blemish during the tour to some schools in the district.

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