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Evacuate Ghanaian Students From China Now-Government Told

   Boateng Samuel Clinton,SRC president, UEW,Kumasi campus has called on the president of the republic,Nana Addo Dankwah Akoffu Addo to urgently evacuate Ghanaian students from China to avoid them contracting the deadly Coronavirus disease. In a statement copied to this morning he indicated that, he has read with great concern the increasing number of infected people and deaths of both Chinese and non-Chinese nationals by the outbreak of the SARS-like virus called Coronavirus. He said ,this  outbreak has become a concern for the international community as the number of infected  people has risen to 7700 with death tolls at 170 people. It is noteworthy that there are over one thousand Ghanaian students studying various programmes in China. Their lives should be of great importance to us at home.  According to him,as other countries set up measures to evacuate their nationals, it is a call on government to put in measures to quickly evacuate all Ghanaian students from China. “I have listened to the public discourse and assurances from the health ministry about its preparedness to contain the virus should it enter the country but it is disheartening as no priority is given to evacuate our brothers and sisters whose lives are at risk in a foreign land. The euphoria of the supply of 307 ambulances must not cloud the fact that the life of many Ghanaian students are under threat. I therefore call on government through the health Ministry to as a matter of urgency bring all our brothers and sisters back home. They are Ghanaians and must not be discriminated against because of their peculiar predicaments. It will be a failure in leadership for the nation to stand aloof as though no Ghanaian’s life is threatened in this trying times hence call on all student’s Unions to muscle up in order to bring our students back home. We want the people of China to note that we stand with them and are offering prayers on their behalf for a quick intervention. Our Ghanaian students in China are citizens not spectators.”He concluded. Foster

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