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Every Man Needs To Know These Ten Laws Of Manhood


Take control. Manliness isn’t in your height or being ripped. It’s your ability to take action instead of waiting for other people to do it.

Be financially smart. Nothing is sexier than having money in the bank. Develop high-income skills, curb your spending, learn to invest.

Have a strong posture. Your posture can make or break your first impression. Forward head posture, hunchbacks can get you labeled as a nerd.

Don’t submit to peer pressure. Don’t smoke, drink, party because others want you to. Make decisions based on what you like.

Be confident with humility. Weak men criticize others to feel good whereas true confidence lies in supporting others.

Make eye-contact. It’s repulsive when you don’t have the guts to look people in the eye. Keep eye-contact until they look away.

Solve problems. Problems are inevitable in life. Instead of freaking out like a chicken, stay calm and act rationally.

Be bold. Have the balls to say what you mean. Nobody likes your ‘fake-nice’ gestures.

Don’t be needy. You shouldn’t need that girl or group of friends. Have a life of your own. Goals you are committed to.

Know the rule of exchange. If you don’t receive back the respect and time you give to someone, don’t bother yourself

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