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Evil Agents want Joana Gyan-Cudjoe disqualified because she’s working for John Mahama



Western Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Nana Kojo Toku,is allegedly said to have delegated three (3) Amenfi Central Constituency Executives , namely; Constituency Chairman, Secretary and Organizer to visit NDC Bantama Constituency Office and the Ashanti Regional NDC Party Office to find out if Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe one of the Parliamentary Aspirants for Amenfi Central on the ticket of the NDC has been an active member.

The Regional Chairman according to intelligence is working tirelessly to get Dr.Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe disqualified on the vetting day because she has been a loyal member to John Dramani Mahama, 2024 Flagbearer hopeful for the NDC.

We can say on record that,the three constituency executives who are on mission to ensure that Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe is disqualified came to the Ashanti Region last Wednesday and are still in the Region doing their possible best to find evidence of doubt of Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe.

The trio Party Executives in the Amenfi Central Constituency travelled all the way from Manso Amenfi to Bantama NDC constituency office to diabolically ascertain whether Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe was paying her dues and has a party card of the NDC and has been an active member of the NDC in the Bantama constituency barely six years ago.

Upon their arrival at the Bantama constituency,it was revealed that Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe has been an active member and has even been providing financial support to women and the needy in the NDC at the Constituency level.

Another source revealed that ,the secret agents who did not succeed in their evil act have vowed heaven and earth to disqualify the workaholic female Politician (Joana Gyan-Cudjoe)on the vetting day ,which is Monday 3RD April,2024.

The multi -million question is why would such unthinkable move be embarked upon by Constituency Executives in Amenfi Central if they have no interest in disqualifying the possible candidate for the Constituency.

Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe’s crime is that she has been consistently working tediously for John Dramani Mahama.

Nana Toku who has been tagged as Anti-Mahama according to source is using his powers as the Western Regional Chairman of the NDC to disqualify every parliamentary aspirant who he thinks is working for the success of President John Dramani Mahama as Flagbearer of the NDC for election 2024.

This is to inform Party Executives at the National level to as a matter of urgency bring Nana Toku to order to ensure that each parliamentary aspirant is not disqualified to ensure victory for the NDC in election 2024.

The National Chairman of the NDC,Mr.Asiesu Nketia had already made it clear that the should be free and fair vetting in every constituency as far as the yet to be held Parliamentary elections are concerned.

Mrs.Joana Gyan-Cudjoe has been an active party member of the NDC in Bantama constituency in the Ashanti Region before joining the Amenfi Central Constituency in the Western Region where she comes from.

Delegates in Amenfi Central Constituency are hereby be reminded that they should all be vigilant during, before and after the vetting of Parliamentary Aspirants because there are some evil men in the party at the Constituency level.

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