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MTN Foundation Organizes Mentorship Session For Bright Scholarship Beneficiaries



The MTN Foundation today organized mentorship sessions for its beneficiaries on the Bright Scholarships, an initiative for needy but brilliant students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

Mr Robert Kuzoe, Senior Manager for MTN Foundation said the mentoring session is annually designed to instill life lessons including counseling to beneficiaries so that they can focus on the academic paths they have chosen.

He revealed that due to the COVID-19 outbreak physical engagements were put on hold and in its place a virtual one was improvised.

Today’s session, he noted, was the first face to face engagement after COVID-19 for both resource persons and beneficiary students.

Resource Persons:

Petra Baaba Asamoah, Author and resource person encouraged the students to see education as a springboard to exploring talents embedded in them.

She said hard skills were good but being able to do things in and with skillful manners and procedures mattered a lot.

She asked the students to consciously aim at mastering their arts and crafts because such would always be a requirement in the world of marketing.

‘’Your ability to deploy your skill, talent with a good language and attitude would give you an advantage in this highly competitive and technological world’’, Madam Asamoah stated.

Chief Digital Officer of MTN Ghana:

Dario Bianchi, Chief Digital Officer for MTN-Ghana noted that What students studied in school matters and they should do their best with it.


He said a lot of opportunities abound in the digital space and therefore those who stayed active and in tune with world happenings would find opportunities to make a meaning out of what they studied.

Mr Bianchi urged the students to take their time at the university seriously and build in themselves life changing attitudes and skills so that they could become useful after school.

“I studied engineering in school and even though I am not doing engineering work I apply the skills and knowledge I got to do what I do now”—the Chief Operating Officer stated.






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