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Executive Chairman of KGL Group Inspires GJA to Continue Upholding Its Quality Leadership



The Executive Chairman of KGL Group and current Chairman of GIPC, Mr. Alex Dadey during the GJA Annual Dinner has encouraged the leaders of the Ghana Journalists Association to continue its commitment of ensuring quality leadership as the 4th Estate of Ghana’s multi-party democracy and governance processes.

According to Mr. Alex Dadey, “he holds the belief that the media are not tools to be wielded when in power but a conduit to the space where informed decisions are made based on facts presented, in essence participating in discourse and contributing to the decision making process”.

Mr. Alex Dadey, went on to state that, “We now live in the midst of a revolution in communication technologies which affords us the tools to effectively shape perception and affect the way people feel, think and behave”.

He entreated the GJA to carefully uphold the ethics of the Profession as media landscape sensationalism is increasingly becoming the order of the day. Responsible journalism is a very important part of nation building.

Mr. Alex Dadey, used the opportunity to call on the leadership of GJA to honour the excellent legacies of those who came before them, by ensuring that the Ghana Journalist Association continues on its mandate in order to meet the required International standards and best practices as far as “fact based impartial reporting is concerned”.

The Executive Chairman of KGL Group, also commended the role played by Ghana Journalists Association in the recent merger of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Ghana Institute of Languages and NAFTI to formed the University of Media, Arts and Communication. He said that, such initiative clearly elevates the status of media profession as a very critical arm of the Ghanaian Society.

Since the establishment of KGL Group, the group has consistently considered media as a very essential part of the company’s business operations, with huge spending towards the entire ecosystem of the media landscape.

Mr. Alex Dadey stated that, “As a proponent of public-private partnership, I have consistently espoused the collaboration between private partners and Government institutions is vital to Ghana’s developmental goals”.

Mr. Alex Dadey, reiterated that, he forever remain committed to cementing the exiting relationship between KGL Group and the Ghana Journalists Association with the sole objective of providing support to “fact based journalism”

Mr. Alex Dadey paid a special tribute to Mr. Fred Agyemang of blessed Memories who also happened to be his father-in-law.

Mr. Fred Agyemang was one of the pioneers of Journalism practice in Ghana and he was the Press Officer to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of the Republic of Ghana. Mr. Fred Agyemang is always remembered for his exemplary sense of commitment and leadership of developing an outstanding integrity and credibility for the practice of Journalism in Ghana.

The GJA Annual Dinner was attended by H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the President of the Republic of Ghana, Mr. Alex Dadey and other high profile dignitaries including Ministers of State and foreign diplomats.

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