Expect more rains, thunderstorms in October – Ghana Meteo warns




The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) has warned the general public to brace themselves for next month’s October pending torrential rains coupled with thunderstorm.

According to Joshua Asamoah, a senior meteorologist who spoke on the Angel Morning Show urged Ghanaians to be psyched for more torrential rains in October owning the fact that August witnessed no heavy rainfall and no thunder.

“But towards the end of the year, the sun will shine more so we will experience more rains as well as thunder and strong wind like we did on Friday afternoon. A rain as such doesn’t last long, it takes an hour or two and it stops but brings along destruction like flooding, hence, we should be expecting rains with thunderstorms going forward,” he told Okatakyie Afrifa-Mensah.

His caution comes on the back of the heavy downpour with ravaging lightning storm on Friday, September 22, 2023, particularly, Accra, causing fear and panic among section of the public.

Mr. Asamoah advice Ghanaians to be cautioned with the change in the weather and also seek a safe shelter whenever they are out of their various homes to ensure they are safe once there is heavy downpour.

“Do not walk in the rain because you are in a hurry or think you know the layout of the area very well so you can maneuver your way through.

“Those at home are advice to switch off all electrical appliance once they notice it is about to rain. The heavy rains and thunderstorms have an impact on electricity and can cause fire outbreak,” he warned.

The meteorologist used the platform and called on the general public to embrace cleanliness in the period of rainfall season especially doing away with behavioral that will bring about flooding.

“Gutters should be cleaned of rubbish so as to allow the easy flow of water without any blockages. We cannot do anything about the rain falling but we can do something about where the rainwater will pass and there won’t be grave consequences.”

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