Why he never apologises even when he is wrong



In every relationship, people make mistakes or do wrongs that could be solved by a simple admission of wrong, and an apology.

It’s never the case for some, however, for some men find it hard to apologise even when they are wrong – at least you know they are.

These are some of the reasons why he never apologises;

He doesn’t think he owes you an apology

What you may consider a mistake may not be a mistake to him. It may be due to his previous experiencing that make them unable to apologise or it is because they have trouble separating their characters from their actions. Apologising thus means an admission of guilt which makes them look bad, a think they try as much as possible to distance themselves from.

Apologising makes him vulnerable and weak

A man who thinks that apologising is a sign of weakness will never apologise. It may be because of the way he was raised whereby apologising made one look less a man. As such, never apologising is his way of showing that he is a man, and not vulnerable at that.

He doesn’t see apologies the way you do

A man may not view his actions the way you do. To women, apologising is a way of maintaning a relationship, so much that they may find themselves apologising even to situations that may have nothing to do with them, just to maintain a connection. Men don’t view it that way. Apologising simply isn’t their thing.

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