Fathers owe it to their children to advise them to abstain from galamsey – Ashanti Regional Minister



The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah, has said that illicit mining could be easily stopped if fathers intervened and counseled their children about the dangers of galamsey.

He stated that fathers have a responsibility to guide and encourage their families in doing the right thing, and hence their role in combating illegal mining cannot be overstated.

Speaking to journalists at an Anaq Foundation event commemorating World Father’s Day at Kokofu in the Bekwai Municipality, he remarked that fathers play an important role in society and should be acknowledged.

Unlike in the past, the Minister said that fathers now assist their wives in performing roles that were previously only performed by women.

“If my wife is there or not, I can just get up and start cooking, some responsibilities which were previously dedicated to women are now being performed by men,” he said.

He also mentioned that fathers bear enormous duties, such as providing for their families, but because the money is generally directed through the wife, the children always believe it is their mother’s labor.

Mr. Mensah went on to say that men who are irresponsible and left their families for drinking spots and other activities do not deserve to be praised.

Meanwhile, Dr Samuel Amanamah, Consultant Urologist at Kumasi South Hospital, added fathers must take their prostate health seriously because more men now die of the disease each year.

He stated that, while proper research has not been undertaken, preliminary data shows that the condition is increasing exponentially among men aged 40 and up.

Dr. Amanamah noted that processed foods, particularly red meat and fat, have been identified as highly harmful risk factors, and that men should limit their consumption.

He recommended fathers to acquire the habit of voluntary screening in order to discover cancer early and treat it.

Mrs. Ama Nyarko Attafuah Quainoo, President of the Anaq Foundation, stated that there is a need for dads to be acknowledged, which is why she annually arranges the event in various villages to recognize their contributions to society.

Oberima Offe Okoguyeasuo II, Chief of Kokofu
She stated that, in addition to honoring the fathers in the community, their health was taken seriously, as they were receiving free Sickle cell, eye, breast cancer, and prostate cancer screenings.

Mrs. Quainoo recommended fathers to prioritize their families’ health.

Oberima Offe Okoguyeasuo II, Chief of Kokofu, commended the Anaq Foundation and its partners for bringing the event to his town this year.

He advised fathers to take some responsibility by ensuring that their families’ needs are satisfied.

Source: Mohammed Nurudeen

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