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Fear of Coronavirus killing people-Duncan Williams


Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the General Overseer of Action Chapel International, says the fear of the novel Coronavirus is rather killing people than the virus itself.

Speaking to Paul Adom-Otchere on Good Evening Ghana, on Tuesday, May 19, the Archbishop indicated that there is a lot of uncertainty and fear spreading through humanity.

“Apart from the virus killing people, one of the things that is also killing and destroying a lot of people is the fear of COVID-19 because the fear of COVID-19 is being spread and is causing depression and a lot of anxiety and uncertainty…,” he said.

The Archbishop informed the audience that most of his congregation call him to complain of nightmares, strange dreams, which a lot of them have never had before.

“A lot of fear and panic and they are losing hope; they are losing faith because the word of God is what builds faith and gives hope of the things that God has said…so we need to keep hope alive; we need to keep faith alive because for without faith we die or do not exist…,” he stressed.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams urged the Christian community who believe that with their faith in the almighty God, it is impossible for them to contract the novel virus to apply wisdom to their faith.

“I will say as a shepherd that we should follow all the protocols and do all the things that we’ve been told by science to do and still have faith that you’ll not get the virus and that even if you get it, it won’t kill you,” he noted.

He believes that everything has life in it and Christians have the potency to curse the life in Coronavirus, therefore, when a Christian contracts the virus, with faith “it can’t kill you”.

The leader of the Charismatic ministry envisages that Christians all over the country will be praying in groups to avert the “calamity” facing the world at the moment because “the scientists themselves are struggling with an answer, solution to the virus and if we leave everything to just the scientists and sit in our homes waiting to hear good news that this thing has just passed away and we are free, we’re going back to business, as usual, it’s not going to happen and the thing is an unseen enemy.”

When asked whether there is a spirit behind the novel Coronavirus, the Archbishop answered in the affirmative but refused to name the kind of spirit behind it.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams quoted John chapter 10 verse 10 of the Holy Bible where the scripture indicates that “The devil cometh only to steal and kill and destroy…”.

“Look at what the virus is doing; it is killing, destroying and taking away people’s livelihood…It is creating a crisis in nations, amongst humanity that has never happened before. Look at the situation in America: over 30 million people are out of jobs, not only in America but all nations around the world,” he explained.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams is famous for his charismatic preaching, prayers and reversal of “generational curses in the family bloodline” which he attributes to the cause of diseases.

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